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First, let us clarify what is content writing? The process of planning, writing, and editing web material, usually for digital marketing objectives, is known as content writing.

Writing blog entries and articles, scripts for films and podcasts, and content for specialized platforms. Such as tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit, are all content writing examples.


87 percent of marketers utilize content to guide their prospects through the buyer’s journey at various stages. From brand awareness through purchasing decisions, they use multiple content formats for each point of the journey.

Because so many businesses are competing for the attention of the same audience, they need high-quality, tailored content to break through the noise and reach potential customers.

Based on fact, research-based information should be reflected in the content. Companies that promote inaccurate or misleading information risk being penalized by search engines as well as consumers.

Fact-based material, on the other hand, serves to promote your company as an expert in its sector. In-depth research can help you avoid squandering marketing dollars and losing credibility with your audience by guiding your content creation process.


Content Writing Services


SEO Content writing services are also known as online content writing services and content marketing services. It emerged in the early 1990s as a result of the rapid growth of internet activities.

Firms, companies, or groups of writers who provide services such as blog writing for websites, web content writing, marketing material content, white papers, research articles, proofreading services, infographic content, social media content, press releases, product descriptions, copywriting services, and more are known as content writing services.

SEO Content writing services typically charge a per-word rate, which is commonly referred to as PPW (pay per word or price per word). Many content writing companies, on the other hand, have price plans that supply a set amount of content in exchange for a subscription.

Because Internet content is developed on such a large scale, your content might easily be lost in the shuffle. Original, interesting, and instructive material is required for your website.

At Shiny Randhawa,  we specialize in crafting one-of-a-kind content that speaks directly to your target demographic and gets people talking about your company.

Our skilled content writers develop engaging material that increases brand awareness and attracts customers. In our SEO methods, content marketing is crucial.

My Content writing Services includes


  • Service for writing high-quality, low-cost online content
  • Website writers with experience in a variety of sectors and niches
  • Copyscape verified that the content was 100 percent original and unique.
  • Ghostwritten – you own all rights to content
  • Keyword-optimized web content for SEO

In many ways, the internet differs from the paper. Your target audience has short attention spans, a variety of information options at their fingertips, and little patience. A typical webpage on the internet has only a few seconds to make a positive impression on a visitor. That’s the problem a web content writer has to deal with!

Getting the attention of and captivating the web audience is a difficult undertaking. Professional web content writing is a serious discipline, and you should leave it to the professionals.

We are your most reliable source for all types of web content. We the web content writers are highly skilled and trained to develop entirely personalized copies for your online audience, whether it’s blog, website, or article marketing content.

Our custom web writing services include the following:

  • Copywriting for the web
  • Writing a blog
  • Content management on social media
  • Writing an article
  • Writing for SEO

There’s no doubting the necessity of search engine optimization if you run an online business or wish to have a relevant online presence. When it comes to SEO, content writing format — the correct information, strategically put or spread over the internet, may provide your company massive visibility.

Our writing firm specializes in developing SEO-friendly content that will help your website stand out among the crowd. Furthermore, we provide solutions that are cost-effective and suitable for every budget.

I adore thinking and exploring new and interesting topics. Finally, we do our best on it. This is why my clients and readers find it so easy to contact me.

It’s not only about attracting traffic with SEO; it’s about converting that traffic into consumers and clients for your company. As a result, you’ll need to make sure that your website serves the demands of your users and is optimized for conversions.

If you are interested in my services. Please contact me here. You can pay directly by using this link.

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