Thomas Jonathan Ossoff Biography

Thomas Jonathan Ossoff is an American politician. He was born on February 16, 1987, in Atlanta, Georgia U.S. He is serving as the senior United States senator from Georgia since 2021. He is the Democratic Party, He was earlier a documentary film producer and investigative journalist.

In the 2017 special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional Thomas Jonathan Ossoff was the Democratic nominee, which had long been considered a Republican stronghold.

The election was very competitive. The election was the most expensive house election in u.s. as it generated national attention. Moreover, Thomas Jonathan ossoff lost the race to Karen Handel.


In mid -2020 2020 u.s. Senate election in Georgia was won by Ossoff to run against then-incumbent Republican senator David Perdue. The two races i.e. Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Kelly Loeffler generated national attention and spending. As they decided which party control the senate in the 117th congress.

The tie-breaking vote by vice-president Kamala Harris gives democrats an effective majority. As the victory of Warnock and ossoff, republic and democrats each hold 50senate seats.

With his success, ossoff becomes the youngest member of the senate elected since Don Nickles in 1980 as well as from Georgia the first Jewish member of the senate. Since BenjaminF. Jonas of Louisiana who was elected in 1879 the first Jewish senate from the Deep South and the first millennial United States senator.

Thomas Jonathan Ossoff biography

Early life and education

Thomas Jonathan ossoff was born in Georgia but he was raised in Northlake, an unincorporated community. Heather Fenton was the mother of Thomas Jonathan ossoff . she was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and at the age of 23 she moved to the U.S.

She is the co-founder of the new power PAC, an organization that works across Georgia to elect women to local office. Thomas Jonathan ossoff’s father, Richard Ossoff he is the Russian Jewish and Lithuanian Jewish descent, who owns a specialist publishing company, Strafford publications.


He formerly held Australian citizenship through his mother. He attended the Paideia School, an independent school in Atlanta. He interned for civil rights leader and U.S. Representative John Lewis while he was in high school. Ossoff graduated from Georgetown University’s school of foreign service with a Bachelor of Science degree IN 2009.

The early career of Thomas Jonathan ossoff

Ossoff worked as a national security staffer and legislative assistant for foreign affairs and defense policy for u.s. representative Hank Johnson from 2007 to 2012, after receiving a recommendation from John Lewis.

Ossoff was the chief executive officer and managing director from 2013 to 2021 of insight TWI, a London-based investigative television production company that works with reporters to create documentaries about corruption in foreign countries.

About ISIS war crimes and death squads in East Africa, the firm produced a BBC investigation. A documentary was produced about the staying of the paly in Sierra Leone in which Thomas Jonathan Ossoff was involved.

After Republican Tom Price o Georgia 6th congressional district had been appointed Secretary of Health and human services, On January 5, 2017, Thomas ossoff announced his candidacy for the special election.


Thomas ossoff emerged as the most viable Democratic candidate out of the wide field of candidates. HE got common support from U.S. senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

By early April of that year, he raised over $8.3 million. On April 18, 2017 ossoff led with about 48.1 of the votes as no candidate received 50% of the votes in the blanket primary. Moreover, the Republican member Karen Handel received 19.8%, and the remainder of the votes were scattered for 16 other candidates.

On June,20,217 the top two vote-getters, Ossoff and Karan Handel competed in a runoff election because no other candidate secured an absolute majority.Ossoff broke the national fundraising record for a u.s. by raising the total amount of more than $23 million.

By raising significant small-dollar contributions from outside Georgia, Handel and national republican groups attacked him. Super PACs and other outside groups, including those funding anonymously by so-called ”dark money” supported Handel’s campaign.


During the campaign, the Republican strategy focused on connecting him to democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, whereas ossoff declined to say whether he would if elected, support Pelosi for speaker. Ossoff was defeated by Handel on June 20 runoff.

”While his percentage of his votes remain steady from April to now”, according to Atlanta Magazine. In those months there was a 34% increase. Thomas Jonathan ossoff and his allies might have drawn up nearly every democrat vote there was to get and it still wasn’t enough to overcome the GDP’s numerical advantage.

According to The new york times, he generated probably the strongest democratic turnout in an off-year election in at least a decade, doubled youth turnout in the 6th district from the 2014 midterm election, and brought a surprising number of irregular young and nonwhite voters to the polls.

Since it assumed its configuration suburban district in 1992, as this was as close as democrat had come to winning this district. Only twice before Democratic challengers had won more than 40% of the vote.


Ossoff announced that he would not seek a seat in the regular election in 2018, the democrat lucy McBeth won the seat in November 2018.

Thomas Jonathan ossoff’s political position

The new york in 2017says, ossoff has intensifying image on ”women’s issues” and ”health care” and ” moderate stances on jobs and security. The 2017 ossoff campaign decided not to turn the special election into the referendum on Trump’s alleged scandals, but to focus on ”policy decisions by the president and congressional republicans”.

This is noticed by the new york times that his 2017 campaign distanced itself from the national Democratic party.

On the issue of cannabis legalization ossoff says that as a member of the senate he will push for ”nationwide legalization” of cannabis, a substance that is much less dangerous than alcohol.

Moreover, ossof has said that” it’s past time to legalize, regulate, and tax cannabis- whose prohibition only enriches cartels, bail bondsman, and the owner of private prisons.


Thomas Jonathan ossoff stands against the death penalty and supports his abolition. Increasing economic relief for businesses and households affected by the covid 19 pandemics was supported by ossoff. He believes that vaccine, testing, and treatment should be free covid 19.

An economic stimulus bill American Rescue plan act of 2021 aimed at speeding up the united state’s recovery from the health and economy affected by the covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing recession and ossoff voted in favor of this.

Thomas Jonathan ossoff has said that ”climate change is a threat to our security and prosperity”, he accepted the scientific consensus on climate. He also supported u.s. participation in the Paris Agreement . and on the other hand, he is not in the favour of the Green New Deal.

The health care policy which is the Affordable care act [also known as obamacare] is supported by ossoff which includes three principals

  • No American should die from a treatable disease.
  • They get sick so no individual should go broke.
  • this is compulsory that no business should go under or lay off employees as it can’t keep up with health insurance premiums.

Thomas Jonathan ossoff can effectively appeal to young people by using social media app which is popular with generation Z. Thomas Jonathan ossoff was married and was married to Alisha Kramer. she is an obstetrics and gynecology resides at Emory University .

She was graduated from Georgetown University and Emory School of medicines. After 12 years of dating ossoff got married to Kramer in 2017. Thomas Jonathan ossoff was a famous and influenced face among the young generation through social media.

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