Ways to improve Mental Health

Mental health is the psychological disbalance of the mind of a human. If an individual is physical unfit than he may face the problem of mental illness. mental illness may occur due to tension, fear,staying alone etc.

If any individaul is physical fit his mind is also fit and can do his activites more efficiently . Mostly people take more care of physical health and dont give importance to mental fitness.

But if an individual is mentally fitt than only he can attain physical fitness.Mental health is the foundation of healthy lifestyle.


  1. Eat healthy food as with healthy eating habites a person stay physical fit.
  2. Talk about your feeling with others can help in staying in good health and help in facing tough times.
  3. Regular exercise can help in maintaining good health.
  4. Dont drink alchohal in fear and in lonliness and the effect of alchohal is temporary.
  5. Stay positive.
  6. Meditation,yoga also help in mental stability.
  7. Do something in which you are good.
  8. Dont feel inferior. Every individual is different from one another.

Mental health is the instability of mind which cause stress, tension, anger etc. this can be improved through taking healthy food ,through exercise etc. Mental health is important throughout the life from childhood to adulthood. An individual will face mental health issues in any state of life.

For an individual mental health and physical health both are important for effective working of a body

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