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Chelsea Wolfe BMX is a native of Florida and she is 28 years old. When her statements about burning the US flag from a year ago were revealed in the aftermath of her Olympic selection, she aroused widespread indignation online.

Wolfe had written a long message on June 12 in the photographs she shared with her 7,700 Instagram followers, beaming with delight and expressing appreciation for the selection.“I am a completely different person than when I first embarked on this road, and I am glad for every opportunity to learn and grow.

And honored to keep working so I’m ready to shred in Tokyo in case I’m needed,” Wolfe wrote alongside many images of herself in her bicycling gear.


Wolfe began BMX racing at the age of six and is set to compete in the Summer Olympics on July 23 if her qualifying companions Hannah Roberts and Perris Benegas are unable to compete.

Wolfe began competing in freestyle races in Florida’s BMX circuit in 2014, according to her bio and spent the next few years riding across the state. In 2019, she finished third in both the US National and Pan-American Championships.

A transgender woman athlete has qualified as an alternative for Team USA’s BMX freestyle event at the 2016 Tokyo Summer Olympics, causing outrage on the internet. The person who sparked the outrage had previously promised to compete in the Olympics to “burn a US flag on the podium.”

Chelsea Wolfe, as she is known online, announced the news on June 12 to her thousands of Instagram followers, who congratulated her on her achievement by sending words of encouragement and support.

However, after Fox News reported on a since-deleted Facebook post in which the athlete made similar claims, public opinion on Wolfe’s pick appears to have shifted. Social media, enraged, has subsequently dubbed Wolfe’s selection a “disgrace” and requested that she be removed from the competition.

Wolfe’s selection follows that of Laurel Hubbard, who made history as the first transgender athlete to compete in the women’s weightlifting event at the Olympics.

She made the remarks in a Facebook post a year ago, alongside an article on how transgender females should be recognized as guys during school sports competitions.

Wolfe had penned, “During a pandemic, this is what they concentrate on. Trans children are being harmed.” When Fox News approached Wolfe about the now-deleted remark, she told the outlet that it didn’t mean she didn’t “care for the United States,” and that anyone who thought it did was “sorely incorrect.” Social media, on the other hand, is unconcerned.

Chelsea Wolfe referred to herself as a “gamechanger.”

One of the reasons I work so hard to represent the United States in international competition is to demonstrate to the rest of the world that the United States has morals and values., that it’s not all of the horrible things that we’re known for,” Wolfe told Fox News recently in response to her March 2020 Facebook post.

I oppose fascism because I care about our country, and I will not let it fall into fascist hands after so many people have fought and sacrificed to keep fascism from spreading abroad.”

Wolfe also stated that she “wants to be proud” of the United States and that she “certainly as hell” will not allow fascism to triumph in the country. Wolfe told the source, “Qualifying to represent the United States national team in the sport that I love is something I believe to be one of my life’s greatest achievements.”

“I persevered in the face of so many problems, on top of the typical challenges that every athlete has when pursuing their dream, and the complexity of this assignment is why I’m so happy to have completed it.”

Wolfe, on the other hand, has already called herself a “game-changer” on Instagram. The athlete said in a statement announcing her selection: “We can break new ground, shatter glass barriers, and pave the way for other dreamers if we work together,” Wolfe wrote.

“The job is never finished. Let us all keep innovating, blazing trails, and taking the lead. Now it’s entirely up to you.” Social media is having a hard time respecting this choice, given Wolfe’s previous intentions with the American flag.

Wolfe has been disqualified by the internet.

“Chelsea Wolfe should be removed from the Olympic team representing the United States of America,” says one commentator. Anyone who despises America enough to want to burn the American flag on the Olympic podium has no right to be there “One guy tweeted.

Another person mentioned: “#ChelseaWolfe is abhorrent. Leave the #USA if you despise it so much. He is a mentally sick man who should never have been chosen to represent our country or compete against women. I hope he receives assistance. Another dude who wants to bash upon ladies.”

Others, on the other hand, go right to the point with posts like “Chelsea Wolfe should not be allowed to participate for the United States. #chelseawolfe is an embarrassment,” and “Chelsea Wolfe must be disqualified for the anti-American sentiment.”

Our flag is not burned by American patriots! Anyone who does should relocate to another country.” One commenter even went so far as to speculate on how this may affect the LGBTQ++ community, writing: “Chelsea Wolfe is an unconvincingly clothed woman whose only Olympic goal is to burn the American flag on the podium. And they’re perplexed as to why LGBT acceptance is on the decline.”

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